When Giving Your All is Simply Not Enough

Sometimes you can do all you can for others and expect nothing in return. But in the process you get shattered. I am trying to understand why. I guess I do expect something. I expect for people not to take advantage of my kindness. I expect for people to at least be respectful.

Whenever you do all you can, it should really be enough.

Perhaps maybe some of what I give is not really meeting the need. Maybe I need to learn how to give differently.

May God Bless those who are able to receive and those that are not.

Sonya Larose


Finite Disappointments – Infinite Hope

As we travel through life, we will encounter many disappointments. There have been three things that have consistently been the source of my disappointments: people, people, and- did I say people?

We are just imperfect beings scarred with imperfections. When disappointments come my way, I always search inward for the lesson that I am to learn.

The disappointments and failures in life are all finite. They don’t last forever. But faith brings hope and hope brings endless possibilities and opportunities.

I open up my heart and my soul to give all that I have to give. Not only thru monetary gifts, earthy possessions, time and energy but also thru unconditional love.

It’s disappointing when some people aren’t able to receive because their own issues and insecurities blind and block them. However, regardless of the situation, as long as there is life, there is hope.

I want to be a beacon of hope. It is the reason I give.

May God Bless those that have hope as well as those that are hopeless.

Sonya Larose

I Thought It Would Be Easy – Day ???

I thought daily giving would be easy. It comes so naturally for me, actually effortless it seems. And the joy it gives me to see others benefit is priceless.

Everyone is blessed with certain gifts. Mine is the gift of giving. I challenged myself at the beginning of the year to give something everyday and then to blog about it.

To tell you the truth, the giving is the easy part; writing the blog, not so easy. When you balance the daily hours you’re given with work, exercise, relationships, other personal responsibilities, giving, and writing a blog; sometimes it’s hard to fit it all into a single day.

At first, I thought no one would notice that my daily blogs were becoming irregular. However, many did. One of the first calls I received was from a childhood friend Jenean. I haven’t seen her in years and talk to her even less frequently. But she takes the time to read the daily blogs. And to Wendy in M’Lady’s Salon, thank you for reading daily and sharing with so many others.

I pray that this blog will inspire others to make a conscious effort to give to others. I will press on to do the work that giving allows me to do. I am so grateful to have this opportunity.

So today, I am giving myself another chance.

I’ve got to figure out what day of the year it is. I guess it doesn’t really matter. All that really matters is that the giving continues.

May God bless those who need a second chance and those who don’t.

Sonya Larose


Beware – It’s Contagious – Day 90

I got quite the expected surprise today when I opened a text message. The text which was accompanied by a picture read, “Beware – It’s Contagious”.

As I examined the picture closer, everyone in the picture was holding a box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Their supervisor had given the doughnuts to all of them – “just because”.

Wow. Giving is contagious! Today, I gave the giving spirit to my brother and he transferred it to others.

Of all the things I’ve given, to see others inspired enough to give to others is the greatest.

May God bless all who give and those who don’t.

Sonya Larose


The New Hire – Day 89

As I was searching for something to wear to work today, I saw several dresses in that still had tags on them. I thought that perhaps I would wear one of them. Then, as I pondered longer, I realized that I’d had those dresses in my closet for over a year.

How could that be? If they had been there that long without use, certainly I didn’t need them. I grab them one by one and took them to work. I knew someone at work who could put them to good use.

Maria, a new hire who recently finished college, could wear them. I remember when I was fresh out of college and was so appreciative when people thought of me.

Today, I gave Maria six dresses; four of them were brand new. I hope she can put them to good use.

May God bless those in abundance as well as those who are not.

Sonya Larose


Let Me Hear You – Day 88

I decided to surprise my adopted grandchildren by visiting their church for Palm Sunday. The service at a Savannah Christian Church was so moving. I have heard the Crucifixion story hundreds of times before. But today, it was different. The minister expounded on so many details that I felt that I was at the scene that day. It was a powerful message. I left he church literally leaving things at the altar that Jesus has already paid the price for.

After service, my grandchildren, their parents and I decided to go to dinner. After pondering over the restaurant selection, my grandchildren’s mother suggested 1790s. There I was thinking Cracker Barrell, Chili’s, Mellow Mushroom or some place that’s kid friendly. But she said 1790s. Wow, I thought.

Well that’s where we went. The atmosphere was great, the food was above average, but the company was extraordinary. We had the best time just enjoying the fellowship. I can’t begin to tell you what a joy it was. My grandchildren are absolutely amazing girls.

While eating dinner, their mother informed me that the youngest, April, had recently won a 4H speaking contest. I asked April to let me hear the speech. “I don’t have it with me”, she said. April seemed a bit relived. I couldn’t believe that memorizing the speech was not a requirement for the contest.

Immediately, her mother turned and exclaimed, “I have a copy in my purse!” No one could believe it. But, we all wanted to hear her say that speech. ” Let me hear you!”, I said. “Please not inside this restaurant!”, April replied.

We comprised and she eloquently delivered the speech outside the restaurant. I gave her a twenty dollar bill for doing such a good job winning the contest. Public speaking is such a great skill to possess.

May Good bless those who enjoy public speaking and those who don’t.

Sonya Larose


I Gave My Word – Day 87

My brother, the Senator, ask me to do something that I really didn’t want to do. He was on his way out of town and asked me to attend an annual event for the Tatemville neighborhood association. It was not mine nor my brother’s association. But for some reason, he thought it was important to have representation there. So I agreed to attend. I gave him my word.

Twice I thought about changing my mind, but I went away. I solicited a friend to go with me. The affair lasted more than three hours. Our new chief of police was guest speaker. There was a fashion show that include women on 70. I had a few good laughs. The food they served was quite tasty, so I left with a full stomach.

It was really time well spent. Today, I gave my word. Even though I wished I would have said “no”, I followed thru. It is important to do what we say we will do. Keeping your word is the essence of integrity. As Stephen Covey says, “honesty is making your words conform to reality. Integrity is making reality conform to your words.

May God bless those who keep their word and those that don’t.

Sonya Larose


Expired – Day 86

Today, I visited a locksmith to get some locks rekeyed at Bradley’s Key shop in Savannah, GA. The key shop is in downtown Savannah and has been there ever since I can remember. It has a history of its own.

While downtown, I had to park at a meter. It cost 25 cents per 15 minutes. The only problem was that I had no change. Even though I didn’t want to get a ticket, I parked there anyway and went to get some change.

When I returned with the change to fill my meter, I noticed quite a few “expired” meters. I then began to feed every expired meter I saw. No one looks forward to receiving a ticket on their car from an expired meter.

Today, I gave some people a little more time.

May God bless all who have a little remaining time and those that don’t.

Sonya Larose